Blockchain solutions for e-commerce

Courier Chain is an online platform, which offers innovative payment methods and various ratings to online shops and shoppers around the world. The platform seeks to improve upon and democratize mainstream courier services by introducing the transparency and reliability of blockchain, the functionality of smart contacts, and the advantages of machine learning

value proposition

Online shops
Our platform helps e-commerce businesses that want to expand and become profitable by introducing new payment methods, reducing costs and providing access to blockchain verified data pertaining to the quality of the delivery.

Courier parcels senders
Our platform helps customers who want to send parcels by reducing costs and providing access to blockchain verified data pertaining to the quality of the delivery.

Credit institutions
Our platform helps banks and credit institutions that want to give trustworthy clients installment loans online by reducing risks, increasing their customer base and providing blockchain verified information.

E-commerce buyers
Our platform helps buyers who want to purchase online by using new real time payment methods with guaranteed refund and installment loans, by using blockchain verified information.

Courier companies
Our platform helps courier companies who want to sell more to small and medium customers and offer them better service by increasing courier customer base through new sales channel and by giving both couriers and clients full and correct blockchain verified information.
The combination of Courier Chain's team expertise in blockchain technology, software development, courier business, finances and marketing ensures that the platform benefits from the intersection of multiple perspectives. The platform is designed by а reliable team of professionals with many years of experience.
Due to the inherent transparency in Courier Chain services, everyone will benefit: from industry leaders in e-commerce and courier business with existing customer bases to small and medium enterprises and individuals
The platform will offer a seamless journey, which will increase the overall number of users and the frequency of their usage of the platform.
Courier Chain will give online sellers more independence in regards to payment method: they will have the opportunity to sell their goods not only in fiat money but also in cryptocurrencies and installment loans.
  • Shopping over Blockchain (SoB)

    will utilize blockchain technology to store information about consumer installment loan in fiat money or cryptocurrencies, the status of the purchase and the payments after a client has been approved for a consumer goods credit.
  • Token on Delivery (ToD)

    introduces an independent and decentralized payment method, in either cryptocurrencies or fiat money, ensuring delivery and payment verification of online-purchased goods.
  • Choose Smart (CS)

    will allow users to compare courier services based on the price, window of delivery and performance quality.
  • Courier Insight (CI)

    is a Business Intelligence tool, which will provide businesses with various rankings and key performance indicators (KPIs) of different courier services.


  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • January
    CourierChan was found & Concept Development
    * Concept Validated
    * Company Identity
    * Trademarks
  • February
    Whitepaper ver.1.0 was completed
    Dev: ToD & SoB
    Token on Delivery and Shopping over Blockchain services development begin
    Beta: ToD & SoB
    Release of first beta's of Token on Delivery and Shopping over Blockchain services
    MVP: ToD & SoB
    Release of MVP's of Token on Delivery and Shopping over Blockchain services
  • March
    Dev: CI & FoB
    Courier Insight and Freight over Blockchain services development begin
    Beta: CI & FoB
    Release of first beta's of Courier Insight and Freight over Blockchain services
    MVP: CI & FoB
    Release of MVP's of Courier Insight and Freight over Blockchain services
  • January
    Dev: CS
    Choose Smart platform development begin
    Beta: CS
    Release of first beta's of Courier Smart platform
  • January
    CS Release
    Courier Smart platform public release


Neda Slavcheva
Neda has more than 17 years of experience in Sales and Product Management.She has been working in the pharmacy industry and throughout the years she learn about marketing strategies, how to research and evaluate demand and create brand awareness and development. Her skills in working with different audiences and cultures are essential for the team.